Here Armenia is represented by the eyes of our guides. And we hope that everyone, who skips the lines below through his heart, will find his own way leading to Armenia.


Laura Harutyunyan

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What is Armenia for me? More than just a country! As I wasn’t lucky enough to be born here, I had to discover My Armenia later in life.
This is a country of high mountains and wide valleys, crooked rivers and wonderful lakes; a country of amazing landscapes that changes every 50 km.
It’s a country of rich history rooted in ancient times.
It’s a country of stones, which when touched can tell you that they have been silent witnesses to the various events that have taken place here.
It’s a melody of Duduk that seems to share all the happiness and sadness that people have lived here.
It’s the first country that adopted Christianity as it’s State religion and has amazing unique ecclesiastic architecture as many of our churches and monasteries have remained unchanged in their original beauty.
And the most important is it’s People! Kind and openhearted, they are always ready to help, answer any question and treat you in a traditional Caucasian way. We have everything that’s needed for the most experienced tourist catering for any taste and for every season.
A large variety of tours can be offered here: from pilgrimage to gastronomic, from hiking to cultural, or even educational ones. Our resorts are always open offering choices ranging from skiing to spas with cold and hot water springs.
Visit us and you will discover a new world, unique in it’s customs and traditions, culture and architecture, so European at first glance but very Oriental at the same time.
Armenia is a Bridge or Crossroad of Cultures. And that makes it so special!!!!