Become a Guide

How to become a Tourist Guide?

Тo become a tourist guide is necessary first of all a great desire to do so and no less a great love for the land and people, which you want to represent!

To become a professional tourist guide you need to pass the courses of the Armenian Guides Guild.

Before making a responsible decision to become a guide you need to have a clear view what is a guide and the essence of his work?

According to the Law on Tourism and Tourist Activities of the Republic of Armenia:

Guide - a person providing information and tours, organizational services and professional assistance in the framework contract for the provision of travel services to tourists.

The essence of the guide - this is an informational service of tourists and visitors, both local and foreign. For a limited period of time a tourist guide should be able to present the country and submit it so that it not only learned but also loved, and it can be done only by the high-class professionals.