Before You Arrive


Welcome to the web site of Armenian Guides Guild.

This site serves the purpose of improving the operation of the Armenian Guides Guild. It will allow for provision of higher quality services by the Guild to its members and will facilitate communication of information on Armenian guides.

If you are interested in the services of a guide the web site will provide you with information on professional Armenian guides, who are proficient in the majority of most widely used languages of the world and who can introduce you to the sights of our country and the rich culture dating back to thousands of years.

Information on training courses is also available on the web site for those willing to become a travel guide and an “ambassador of the country”- the title they give us for representing the country to foreign tourists!

I hope you will find our web site useful. We welcome your comments, recommendations or questions, which you can leave in the Guestbook.

Best regards

Naira Suqiasyan
President, Armenian Guides Guild.