Training courses on preparing guides


Armenian Guides Guild annonces the start of training courses on preparing guides on 3 of December of 2007 which will last till March of 30.

Armenian Guides Guild in Egypt


The President of the Armenian Guides Guild, Liana Grigoryan, participated in the 12th WFTGA Convention in Cairo, Egypt on February 2, 2007. Armen Shahbazyan, the CAPS project Association Specialist, also attended. The trip was successful in presenting Armenia and in establishing relationships with guides and guide organizations from around the world.

The World Federation of Tourist Guides Associations (WFTGA) recognizes that tour guides are important ambassadors of a region or country, and are the first and sometimes the only representation of the population that a visitor will meet. WFTGA offers services to its members and also communicates and markets to those in search of the services of professional tourist guides. It actively promotes members associations and industry partners worldwide as well.

Participation at WFTGA 2007 Convention was of great importance not only for the Armenian Guides Guild but for the Armenian tourism industry as a whole. The Armenian delegation was able to present Armenia to the community of 184 tour guides from 37 countries and to establish relationships and join the initiatives of organizations that could support AGG and the tourism industry in Armenia. The Armenian delegation participated actively in the WFTGA Delegates Meeting where WFTGA strategic issues for the upcoming two years were discussed, elections were conducted, and selection of the country to host the WFTGA Convention in 2008 was made. A proposal was made by Armenia to increase income generating activities of WFTGA (besides dues) instead of increasing the membership fee. The proposal was passed by the majority of delegate votes. The Armenian delegation was provided advice and a checklist for hosting the WFTGA Convention and is considering, together with the broader Armenian tourism industry, bidding to host a future WFTGA convention.

Vocational training


With support from the USAID-funded Human and Institutional Capacity Development project implemented by AED and the Competitive Armenian Private Sector Project (CAPS), members of the Armenian Guides’ Guild and graduates of the Guide School of Armenia participated in a seven day training to further develop their ability to provide quality services to tourists.

The trainings were conducted by Ms. Jenny Oulton and Ms. Felicitas Wressnig, Certified Trainers of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA).

The training program covered the following subjects:

• Communication and presentation skills of the guides
• Practical guiding skills for tourist guides
• Knowledge management skills
• Training skills for tour guide trainers.

As a part of the guide training program, visits were organized to popular tourist sites where the participating guides had an opportunity to practice their knowledge.

Eighteen participants attended the training which was held at the Ani Plaza Hotel.

The training was then followed by another program -- the Training of Guide Trainers – which was delivered on 2-4 November, 2007. Ten guide trainers attended this session.

The results of both trainings have been promising. Ten participants of the Guide Training course successfully completed the program and received program completion certificates from WFTGA. Five participants of the Train the Trainers program successfully completed the program and have become WFTGA certified trainers. They will be teaching at the local Tour Guides training program organized every year by the Armenian Guides Guild.

These efforts will improve the quality guides training programs in Armenia, bringing them closer to international standards, and will also substantially improve the quality of tour guide services in Armenia.