On 28 november 2019, started the HOT training of the WFTGA International Training Centre -Yerevan, which will last until december 5.

WFTGA International Training Centre Yerevan Armenia

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Happy international women's day!

Moscow guides in Yerevan - day 5


The last day of the trip we started visiting the most unique corner of Yerevan, Sergey Parajanov museum. Our guests were amazed by the Art of the great Movie Master and observed for an hour his wonderful collages, installations, dolls, hats and drawings – all the rich collection of the museum.
After this we directed to the province of Aragats and enjoyed the Nature and site of Armenian Medieval Monasteries Hovhannavank and Sahmosavank, located at the edge of the canyon of Kassakh river. On the way we dropped into a hospitable country house near the church. The landlady Susanna treated us to dry fruit made by her with Armenian coffee and herbal tea. We were eating traditional Armenian pastry, delicious Gata. Our guests, guides from Moscow, were impressed so much! They said that this visit will be remembered even more, as we had so spontaneous and at the same time so warm welcoming!
We finished the tour program by the lunch in Armas winery, during which our guests enjoyed Armenian wine and listened to its history, cultivation and preparation process.
They returned having enriched their knowledge about this part of the World and with a strong desire to come back one beautiful day.
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Moscow guides in Armenia - day 3


Вот настал и 3-ий день пребывания наших гостей в Армении.
Я Мария Андриасян и мне как гиду получившему профессиональные знания в школе Гильдии, выпала возможность поработать с нашими коллегами из Москвы.
Во время нашей экскурсии мы посетили монастыри Кечарис, Севанаванк, насладились потрясающим видом озера Севан и в заключении нашей поездки посетили монастырь Агарцин, который считается одним из красивых достопримечательностей Армении.
Еще один потрясающий день проведенный вместе.