The Armenian Guides Guild

The Armenian Guides Guild (AGG) is a non-profit organization financed by membership dues, donations, and sponsor funding. Some of the main characteristics of the organization are as follows:

- The guild was created through the efforts of guides that have long-term operational experience in Armenian tourism. It was registered on January, 11, 2005.

- AGG is independent of third party economic, political, and religious interests.

- Its membership includes over 25 skilled and newly qualified guides and tour leaders.

- AGG is interested in cooperation with associations, trade unions, and enterprises and independent individuals working in the tourism industry, both in Armenia and internationally.

- The AGG’s main purpose is that of an association of professional guides, intended to protect their professional interests and to represent Armenia at international exhibitions and tour exchanges.

- The AGG also strives for a constant increase in the level of professional knowledge and skills for guides, keeping up to date with current industry needs and trends.

- Members of the AGG speak 9 languages.

- AGG became a member of the World Federation of Tourist Guides Associations (WFTGA) in September 2005 in which more than 70 countries of the world are participating.

- On December 10, 2014 AGG as a result of cooperation with WFTGA officially became the second International Training Centre of WFTGA and spent the first training in Yerevan.

Our main goal is to promote the development of tourism in Armenia, but we can only achieve this goal together!
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