Code of Conduct

1. Act out the interests of the profession instead of personal interests.

2. Protection of the rights of the representative of the Guild with employers in terms of considering the work of guides as priority in the chain of services provided to tourists.

3. Team work - close cooperation, respect towards the interests of coworkers, mutual gratuitous help, solidarity, experience and information sharing.

4. Denial of dumping methods towards coworkers.

5. Denial of acting out personal interests at work

6. And, finally, a guide must remember that he/she represents the country and shall maintain his/her dignity everywhere and in every situation.This means representing the country with love, honor and dignity.

Professional and Moral requirements

The professional role of a guide is to unify nations, and incompetent and deficient statements of a non-professional guide may actually separate nations.

1. A guide should have profound knowledge regarding the history of the country, its culture, architecture, art, religion, and civilization.

2. A guide should be familiar with the history, culture, and art of the country of the tourists whom he/she serves.

3. A guide should be fluent in the language he/she uses when working with tourists.

4. A guide should be careful with his/her tone, avoiding aggressiveness and impetuosity. Explanations should not be boring or monotonous.

5. A guide should be aware of professional ethics, and be sociable, friendly, and patient.

6. A guide should engage in professional development to improve his/her knowledge, including language, professional, and practical skills. Additionally, a guide should have up-to-date information on national and international political, social, economic, and cultural developments.

7.The guide should be flexible, communicative and responsive communication, therefore must be skilled in the field of psychology.

8. A guide should be dressed neatly and wear clothes that are suitable for every occasion, ranging from excursion, business meeting, dinner, or a reception.

9. A guide should be able to quickly find the best solutions in difficult situations.

10. A guide should possess the skills of speaking, listening, and remaining silent when appropriate.